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11,000 people hate Donald Trump so much theyre petitioning Starbucks to cut ties with him

Known by many for its great company culture, people around the world have been unhappy to see Starbucks located inside Trump Tower and now the internet is rife with people encouraging it to terminate its lease.

Written by one Kyle Brooks, the petition letter is allegedly only 300 signatures away from its goal of 11,000.

Belonging, inclusion, and diversity: these are the values that you and Starbucks hold dear, and they are the values that guide your business,” Brooks wrote to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Unfortunately, they are not the values that Trump or his organisation embody.

I am sure you have heard Trumps derogatory comments regarding women, Muslims, Latinos, African-Americans and LGBT people. These comments do not even begin to align with belonging, inclusion, or diversity; not to mention, they are downright disrespectful.

He also reminded Schultz that Trump once proposed a boycott of Starbucks, claiming itsseasonal red cups werent merry enough for Christmas.

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In addition to thepetition, there is a separate crowdfunding effort that has the same goal started by Ivan Pardo, the CEO of Buycott,.

Supporters of the cause pledged to buy agift card from Starbucksif it terminates its lease at Trump Tower.

It was revealed on the crowdfunding platform: “The money Starbucks gives Trump every month is used to fund the bigotry and racism that he broadcasts. Macy’s, NBC-Universal, ESPN, Apple, and NASCAR have all cut ties with Trump, but Starbucks continues to hold out, forcing us to unwillingly fund Donald Trump’s hate with every latte bought.

“Just signing petitions hasn’t been enough to persuade Starbucks, so we’ve developed a new tactic to get their attention. Make a pledge to buy a Starbucks gift card if Starbucks terminates their lease at Trump Tower, and we’ll leverage our collective buying power to negotiate with Starbucks.”

So far $75,016 has been pledged.

Also, find out how after $1tn was wiped from Asian markets on 24 August 2015, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz sent a memo to staff saying they needed to be extra sensitive to the pressures that customers may be feeling.


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