12 mobile phones that broke the mould

There was – very, very long ago – a time when mobile phones were designed for calling people. Back then they all looked pretty much the same (large and heavy as a brick, sometimes with an antenna) but nowadays mobile phone design varies as widely as their features.

One doesn’t have to search far and wide to find a good quality smart phone but what about phones of a strangely different sort?

Here are some of the coolest and weirdest mobile phones concepts ready for release or available on the market:

1. The Brix – Seokwon Hong

The alternative to tablets or TV. The entire surface is a touch screen, so, you can enjoy the 100 per cent screen on the front. But, by stringing together multiple Brix, you can expand that screen. Get enough friends with Brix and you can go from one small phone to a big screen TV.

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