12 of the world’s strangest franchises

7. Mosquito Squad

This franchise focuses on two of the most annoying bugs you’ll ever know: mosquitoes and ticks. They apply what could only be described as a barrier spray that acts as an invisible fence on your body. This treatment lasts for 21 days, after which most customers ask for another application. Once you’ve lived without mosquitos, you’ll never want to stray away from this franchise.

8. Resume Hut

Former human resources executive, Neil Pritchard, bought Resume Hut after he had enough of working for big corporations. By offering everything from interview coaching and putting together the perfect resume, to career transition and advice, the company works as a sort of consultant to job seekers.

9. SnorePro

SnorePro is an oral device that helps to prevent snoring by positioning a person’s jaw in a way that willconstrict their airway less. Each device is custom-made by taking impressions of that person’s mouth, much like a dentist making casts of teeth. As it is considered to be a medical device, his franchisors are mostly comprised of doctors and dentists.

10. Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots was formed after three college soccor players wanted to extend their careers after graduation. The franchise is a youth program that offers kids between the ages of two and eight a basic introduction to football skills. Their franchisees often conduct programs at preschools, daycare and community centres.

11. Stear Clear

Craig Sher wanted to go to the grocery store after drinking wine with a friend. After realising that he probably had drank too much to drive, he started thinking of creating a new franchise. He developed a mobile device application for those who don’t want to call a cab after a night out and out-patients not wanting to wait for a ride, to call a service that will dispatch two drivers; one to drive the client, and one to drive the clients car, home.

12. We Do Lines

Founders Daniel Rella, Chris Couri and Tom Darrow had originally owned a landscaping business. When they needed their parking lot re-striped, they stumbled upon the lack of companies in the profession. They started their franchise as a part-time business but, since then, have stopped landscaping in order to turn We Do Lines into a full-time job.

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