12 questions CEOs should want to be asked when interviewing

(6) How would a member of your team describe working here

This shows that they understand and value a strong company culture. Its always interesting to have to put yourself in the shoes of one of your colleagues.

(7) What do you like most about working for this company

This question shows me that they have good communication skills and feel comfortable engaging with senior members of the team. It also shows that they respect what I might have to say, which always comes across well.

(8) What makes somebody successful in your team

Ambition. Being asked this shows a level of ambition which I always like to see, as ambitious people are often more driven, which tends to be good for productivity.

(9) Is there anything in particular on my CV that catches your attention

Every interview should be a two-way street and you wouldnt be say down with a candidate if there wasnt something about their CV you liked. Being asked this questions shows a confidence in their own ability which is a good thing.

(10) Is there anything particular on my CV that causes concern

This is a very brave question to be asked, but it does give the candidate the chance to respond to those concerns in person. It shows to me that they really value the opportunity to work for your company, which goes a long way in my book.

(11) How do you define success for this job

Demonstrates that you are serious about the job and are thinking about being successful. Worth taking note of the answer as when you get the job youll know what to do!

(12) Can I have a quick tour

While I wouldnt want every candidate to ask this, but if the interview is going well then being asked to show them around helps to change the vibe of the interview and lets me see how they interact with their potential future colleagues.

Jonathan Richards is CEO of breatheHR.

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