12 reasons why you love your business

It is easy to forget in all the pressure of the daily grind that you’ve put your heart and soul into building a business.

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However, with Valentine’s day fast approaching, it’s worth remembering the highlights of setting up shop in the first place. Here are 12 reasons to be in love with your business:

1. You work for yourself ? how good is that? Most of us business owners reckon we are unemployable but that we equally hate the idea of working for someone else.

2. We are ? within reason ? in control of our own destiny. We make the decisions, form the culture of the place we work, the character of our brands.

3. Having your own business is a huge adrenaline rush. Show me one owner who isn?t zinging off the roof tops when they achieve even the slightest of things or fighting like a demon when everything is going badly.

4. Our best customers are the ones we have a great relationship with and doing work with people you have a good relationship with is always the most rewarding. Making customers happy is not just a business necessity, but highly rewarding on a personal basis. And we can reserve the right, however rarely used, of dumping a too tiresome a customer.

5. We don?t have to sit through other people?s meetings. They are our meetings so it’s up to us to make them fun.

6. We get things done ? we don?t have to wait around for other people.

7. We love what we do for a living ? well most of the time. And that is a great privilege with the proportion of time we all spend working. Loving what you do is the greatest natural motivator.

8. Loving your work is proven to be good for your mental and physical health. It is a fact.

9. We may be workaholics, but it is up to us, not someone else to find our own work life balance. We set our own priorities.

10. We can chose the people we work with, especially true for smaller enterprises and even with growth we chose the people we work closely with.

11. We never have humdrum lives ? every day is filled with new challenges, new things to do and we can keep on learning.

12. For most of us, we can indulge our passion ? whatever it is will be have been a huge factor in why we set up shop to start with. At the very least, building a business can be pretty good fun and not everyone can say that about their jobs.

Jan Cavelle is founder of the Jan Cavelle Furniture Company.

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