17: Digital Window

Digital Window generates up to 40 per cent of all online revenue for more than 600 big-name retailers in the UK. Through their network of more than 100,000 affiliates, clients such as DSG (the group that owns PC World, Dixons, Currys and Pixmania), Zavvi and Thomson increase their traffic and spread the net wide for their brands.

CEO Kevin Brown stumbled into the industry when he inadvertently created an affiliate marketing scheme to sell tickets for Madonna gigs. “We got the fan sites to link to our booking page,” he explains. “We sold hundreds of tickets that way.”

Affiliate marketing works on commission. Affiliates take a cut of every sale generated through their site, and Digital Window takes their slice from that percentage. Easy money. The London-based firm is pulling in a £9.8m turnover, with profits of £1.2m. And growth is set to explode next year, with predicted revenues of £36m off the back of a clutch of new contracts and the launch of Shop Window, a white label price comparison site.

Brown has got his sights set on world domination. “We’ve cracked the UK market,” he says. “Hitwise reported that out of the top 50 websites that use affiliates, 52 per cent were ours. Now we’re focusing on expanding internationally.”


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