1993: Luke Johnson’s vintage year

“1993 was the year that my career changed – that everything changed,” Luke Johnson boomed at the Penfolds Vintage Year event at the Hospital Club last month.

“It was the year the recession ended and that, together with partners, I took over Pizza Express, and all the possibilities of life as an entrepreneur came in view.”

Luke Johnson spoke about how he got the entrepreneurs’ itch after meeting one of his role models, Richard Branson, back in 1980, while working at Branson’s magazine Student.

What’s the main lesson that Luke Johnson has learnt along the way?

“You might fail to get a job, you might miss a deal, you might be defeated in a contract race, you might lose money on an investment. But you must always remember that in business, no one triumphs every time, and that the more attempts you make, the more reverses you will suffer – but also the more victories you will enjoy.”

Watch Luke Johnson talk about his vintage year below, plus a Q&A session from the Penfolds audience.

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