?2.4bn wasted on marketing emails marked as spam

British companies waste some £2.4bn a year on irrelevant marketing emails, new research finds.

According to a survey by data and intelligence company Kognitio of 2,000 adults in the UK, 52 per cent say they see no difference between marketing emails and spam, and ignore them completely.

With British firms spending almost £4.8bn a year on email marketing efforts, these are worrying numbers – nearly half of that expenditure is wasted. In fact, marketing emails could actually be doing more harm than good, since consumers are increasingly turned off by irrelevant, wasteful emails.

The research also found that 73 per cent of consumers believe businesses send marketing emails regardless of their relevance to the recipient; and nearly 60 per cent would like to see tougher legislation to help consumers control the spread of unnecessary email marketing.

It’s about how you target your customers. The research shows that if emails were more relevant to them, 64 per cent of respondents would be more likely to read them.

“Email marketing should never be allowed to frustrate and confuse consumers to the extent that this research shows,” comments Roger Llewellyn, CEO and president of Kognitio.

“The timing couldn’t be worse,” he adds. “We’re nearing the period when retailers especially will need to put on a big marketing push to support their Christmas efforts. Yet consumers simply don’t trust email marketing and don’t believe it’s relevant to them.”

Do you open marketing emails or do you delete them immediately? What marketing policies do you have in place to ensure your emails get read?

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