20 amazing Amazon facts on its 20th birthday

11. The Amazon site used to have a programming error that allowed customers to trick the company into sending them money. Consumers were able to order a negative quantity of products, whereby Amazon would credit money back.

12. According to MoneyPress, Amazon’s annual revenues are larger than the GDPs of half the countries in the world…

13. …and if Amazon were a country for active users, then it would be twice the size of Canada. That means that the company has over 19.5m customers on a daily basis.

14. Bezos is involved in building a 10,000 year clock. The clock will tick once a year, “the century hand will advance once every 100 years, and the cuckoo will appear on the millennium. “It’s a special clock, designed to be a symbol, an icon for long-term thinking,” Bezos explains.

15. An a interview, Bezos explained that he sits with senior executives silently in a room for up to 30 minutes so they can take turns reading six page memos before discussions begin. He notes that “for new employees sitting silently in a room and doing study hall with a bunch of executives can be a culture shock, but the act of communal reading guarantees the group’s undivided attention”

16. Fortune Magazine also reported that Bezos’s preference for pen and paper rather than a PowerPoint presentation is one of his “primary, and peculiar, tools for managing his company.” In fact, he his executives take turns writing memos.

17. The Amazon logo has a hidden meaning. The smiling face doesn’t just represent their happy customers, but also the variety of products they have to sell. Look closer and you’ll see an arrow point from a to z.

18. Warehouse employees are monitored by GPS tracking systems. It’s been said that they receive warnings for talking too long with co-workers. Furthermore, they only get ten minute lunch breaks and get timed going to the toilet.

19. Bezos is one of the lowest paid CEOs among large tech companies.

20. When eBay launched, Amazon tried to create its own auction site to compete. The idea flopped, but no before Bezos could buy a $40,000 skeleton of an Ice Age cave bear. He now displays it in the lobby with a sign reading: “Please Don Feed The Bear.”

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