20 retailers that will save the high street

7. Pacific Blue

CAGR: 53.74 per cent
Latest turnover: £1.5m

8. Long Tall Sally

CAGR: 42.45 per cent
Latest turnover: £23.8m

9. Poundworld Retail

CAGR: 40.85 per cent
Latest turnover: £132.9m

10. W R Ferris (Swag)

CAGR: 38.81 per cent
Latest turnover:: £26.1m

11. The Wallpaper Warehouse

CAGR: 31.8 per cent
Latest turnover: £1.4m

12. Bette Davis

CAGR: 25.48 per cent
Latest turnover: £2.3m

Poundworld Retail’s turnover of over £130m is on an entirely different level from most other retailers on this list. Astonishingly, the business is still growing at more than 40 per cent per annum. The Poundworld empire is soaring amid economic turbulence: consumers are shopping for bargains even more than usual, so cheap products can deliver as much (if not more) profit than luxury goods. Poundworld’s relentless growth shows that value for money is still the route to success.

The Yorkshire-based company was launched in 2004 after rebranding from Everything’s a £1. It has grown to more than 180 stores nationwide, and plans to open a further 200 in the next five years.

At the other end of the spectrum are Long Tall Sally, Bette Davis and jewellery retailer WR Ferris. Experiencing similarly strong growth as Poundworld, these fashion retailers could not be more different from the discount group. Each provides high-quality products for a high-end customer base, through a very modest number of stores (16, one, and 23, respectively).

Behind Long Tally Sally’s success clever positioning in a distinct niche. The retailer’s products are made for women with, ahem, statuesque frames. The business has managed to ensure customer loyalty and repeat sales from this unique customer base. Its multi-channel offering is enviable, with a strong online presence and catalogues to ensure a route to market outside its modest 16-store portfolio.

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