20 retailers that will save the high street

13. Rous Iland

CAGR: 24.93 per cent
Latest turnover: £268,862

14. Nick Tentis

CAGR: 22.45
Latest turnover: £400,179

15. T.J. Morris

CAGR: 22.38 per cent
Latest turnover: £721.3m

16. First Developments

CAGR: 21.86 per cent
Latest turnover: £1m

17. 99p Stores

CAGR: 21.35 per cent
Latest turnover: £270.2m

18. Zee & Co.

CAGR: 19.49 per cent
Latest turnover: £7.2m

19. Rett Retail (AKR)

CAGR: 18.6 per cent
Latest turnover: £16.2m

20. Crew Clothing

CAGR: 17.74 per cent
Latest turnover: £40.7m

Relatively modest turnover but promising growth define Rous Iland and Nick Tentis, two high-end fashion retailers for women and men respectively. The two sell through only one store each, and don’t yet make particularly great use of an online and mobile presence. Going high-end and offline can be risky, but Rous Iland and Nick Tentis have been successful by marketing their name as a destination for high-quality, tailored products and a decadent shopping experience.

“In the right areas, people will still seek out specialists, like a good quality butchers or a designer clothes store, so there will be some space for them, too,” says World First’s Jonathan Quin.

A less risky business – with over £40m turnover – is Crew Clothing, which combines its 72-strong stores presence with online, mobile, and catalogue retail. According to David Taylor, CEO of HB Prime Advantage: “There is a notable trend of positive growth for retailers who have adopted multi-channel strategies. Groups such as Debenhams and John Lewis performed well in 2012 with noticeable rising sales [like-for-like sales rose by 3.3 per cent and 9.2 per cent respectively between March and September]. This can be attributed to a focus on online ordering, expanding international presence and launching android phone apps.”

It’s not all doom and gloom

The 20 fastest growing high-street retailers are niche-carvers, multi-channel strategists, and go-to addresses for affordable goods. All of them have found their own particular edge that enables them to look to 2013 with optimism, despite challenging market conditions.

At the same time, they are diverse. The only thing all of the business on this list have in common is growth. Store numbers range from a single one to hundreds across the country; turnover from just over £200,000 to hundreds of millions. Business growth is very much present across the spectrum, with the right strategy in place.

It’s time to look beyond the headlines and doom-mongers, and learn from those retailers winning in a new era for the high street.

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