Dragons” Den: The deal that got away

Two years ago, Danny Bamping, MD of Bedlam Puzzles, appeared on Dragons’ Den. But it wasn’t investment that he was after. It was 15 minutes of fame.

Give your carbon footprint the boot

Chess founder David Pollock has devoured 21 of his rivals in the past three years. But this ambitious entrepreneur isn’t afraid of coming into work on a pogo stick.

2008 business predictions

So, today’s blog was going to be about my forecast for 2008 because, you know, it’s that time of the year. Despite being, well, wrong about the interest rate decision, I still thought I’d have a crack at predicting the ‘big issues’ likely to plague you lot next year.

FDs hope things will get better

The good news is that UK FDs are hopeful even in the face of adversity, if a recent poll by BDO Stoy Hayward is anything to go by.

Startup takes a bite out of iTunes

When Ben Drury launched his music download business back in 2004, Apple's iTunes ruled the roost. But the American mega-corp didn’t count on a London-based start-up out-performing its clunking media player.

Is a university education relevant to an entrepreneur?

Thinking about the people I respect in the business world, they are a fair mix of people: some have been to university; some have not; and others still who went but didn’t finish, and therefore qualify for a weird group of their own.

Government delivers Companies Act timetable

A month after announcing that much of the new Companies Act would not come into force until 2009, the government has given us a final implementation timetable for the act's provisions.

Turning risk into reward

Credit-impaired customers can be risky for a business but not for Brighthouse, said the company's FD, Giles David.