Is your office scaring off staff

Offices come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fancy, others dull but the reality is we all spend more time in the office than any other place.  Like our homes, if we don’t like the environment, our mood and attitude will be affected.

It’s credit crunch week!

Joining the ranks of breast cancer week, national vegetarian week, enterprise week and tax week comes credit crunch week.

FD watch David William Smith

David William Smith has been appointed finance director and company secretary of plantation developer Anglo-Eastern.

Meet the MoneyExpert

Moneyexpert chairman, the entrepreneur Nigel Warr, is making big moves with his financial comparison business.

Scots aren’t lazy

Scottish racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart recently accused his countrymen of being workshy, lazy and reliant on safe public-sector jobs for their employment. "That was pretty insulting,” says Steve Leach, founder of Edinburgh-based Bigmouthmedia. “There are plenty of successful entrepreneurs north of the M25.”

Flexi-time works for small business

T-Enterprise co-founder Zarrar Chishti says the bigger the software and games development firm gets, the less likely it will be able to offer the flexible working conditions its employees currently take advantage of.

Time to cut your costs

She may have just sold her flooring company Flowcrete for £35m but it hasn’t been a smooth ride to success for Dawn Gibbins. And given the current economic climate – she says now is the time, more than ever, to focus on reducing your variable costs.