“Brits don’t want manufacturing jobs”

In her struggle to find local talent, KK Finefoods founder Leyla Edwards relies on immigrant workers at her factory in Deeside. With over 40 per cent of employees hailing from Poland, Edwards has started running English lessons each week.

Shaving men’s lives, saving the environment

Will King started mixing and bottling his own natural shaving oil in the early nineties. He wasn’t to know then that his King of Shaves brand, now on shelves in Harrods, Bentalls, Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s – and giving Gillette a serious run for its money – would be the green alternative to chemical shaving foams and gels.

Website makes business research easier

Internet entrepreneur Brad Liebmann has launched BView, an online business directory, after becoming frustrated by the difficulty in sourcing good suppliers and getting reviews from customers about a company’s credentials.