Johnson to consult on post-Olympics London

A special purpose vehicle to collect ideas from the business community about what to do with London’s Olympic Park after the 2012 Games will be set up by Mayor Boris Johnson.

“It’s about sport, stupid!” says Sebastian Coe

Speaking at today’s CBI Business Summit, former Olympic gold medal winner and chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games Sebastian Coe stressed that the 2012 games are about sport; the business is incidental.

“London 2012 Games will be priceless”

Come 2012, the eyes of the world will be on London as it plays host to the Olympic Games. Speaking at the 2008 CBI Business Summit this morning, Lloyds TSB’s chief economist Trevor Williams says the economic impact will be "priceless" for the country and small businesses.

Jowell highlights Olympics risk

Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell has admitted backing the 2012 Games is one of the riskiest things the government is doing given the ₤9.325bn of public money it’s stumping up to help fund the event.

Jowell: “The media’s out of control”

When Boris Johnson takes the Olympic flag at Beijing’s closing ceremony on Sunday 24 August, levels of scrutiny towards the 2012 Games will shoot up, warns the Rt Hon Tessa Jowell. And she reckons the media’s doing nothing to help.

2012 Games may”help SMEs with?public procurement

There is always a concern infrastructure that’s put in place for any city hosting an Olympic Games will become a white elephant and it’s a concern that’s certainly occupying the minds of organisers of the 2012 Games.

Olympics veteran on life after the Games

Lois Jacobs’ event management firm Jack Morton organised the opening and closing cermonies for the Athens Olympics. Four years on, she speaks at the CBI Business Summit about her Olympic experience.