Kindersley goes from publisher to eco-warrior

Peter Kindersley was a giant in the world of publishing when environmental issues piqued his interest. After he sold his company, Dorling Kindersley, for £311m, he set up Sheepdrove Eco-Conference Centre in Berkshire

CFO watch Paul Smith

Paul Smith has been appointed chief financial officer for funds at property services group Speymill.

nCipher entrepreneurs to sell out

nCipher, the computer security business founded by the van Someren brothers back in 1996, is finally to be sold to Thales UK. The deal values the business at just over £50m, netting the brothers a couple of million each.

Beware the Russian sense of humour

Thinking of doing business in Russia but worried you’ll end up like TNK-BP boss Bob Dudley” Don’t be put off. Russia has so far been protected from the threat of recession, and consumer demand for goods and services is rocketing. But you do need to keep your wits about you, says recruitment entrepreneur Tony Goodwin.