2009 gets tougher for Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay’s flagship Royal Hospital Road restaurant was feted by Harden’s London Restaurants last year but has slipped from its top spot to fourth in a list of the capital’s best restaurants.

Other Ramsay restaurants were declared to be overpriced and disappointing although Murano, which is run by Angela Hartnett, was named best new restaurant.

Guide author Peter Harden is quoted as saying: “The year’s survey results, though, confirm there are some very deep-seated problems in the [Ramsay] group."

While many believe the controversial chef will bounce back, and we certainly hope he will, it’s surely another reason why 2009 will be a year Ramsay will want to forget.

He’s spoken candidly about how tough business has been and was also the subject of tabloid claims he cheated on his wife.

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