This Middlesex-based company is the white knight for thousands of frustrated weekend DIYers. Its stated aim is “to provide the consumer with simpler instructions, fewer parts and easier actions required to complete furniture assembly.” Titus sells furniture fastenings and accessories like concealed hinges and soft closing systems, both as standalone products in outlets such as […]


Underwater positioning equipment is the name of the game for Sonardyne, a family-run company based in Hampshire. Sonardyne caters for the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry by providing services such as positioning pipelines on the sea bed, tracking underwater vehicles, and establishing subsea communications. Established in 1971, Sonardyne has expanded and is […]


Founded in 1986 by Barry Adams, this West Midlands-based construction company was given a huge boost when it landed a £48m contract to build a new dairy. The two-year project was completed six months ago, and the company is being kept busy with a range of other projects, mainly in the private sector. The company […]


Some see problems, others opportunities. The fallout from the 1991 recession meant that the telecoms wholesale market was a lot less crowded for new entrants. Andreas Hipp seized the moment to set up Epsilon Telecommunications: “We could also buy equipment from administrators at ten per cent of the original value, which made the business plan […]


This Belfast-based company was founded in 1978, and over the past 30 years has grown to become a market leader in the field of construction. Headed up and owned by Alan Kernoghan, the company attributes much of its recent success to its adoption of the latest developments in technology and design. It has a wide […]


There’s quite a history to this Nottinghamshire-based company. Steetley Dolomite had been supplying dolomitic lime and dead-burnt dolomite products, used in the creation of steel, for years before it was acquired by the Redland Group in 1992. In 1998, Lafarge SA acquired Redland and established Lafarge Lime. In 2004, Lafarge’s UK lime business was bought […]


Take a concept that’s been around for centuries, make it relevant to today’s businesses, and make a lot of money. It sounds simple, and with a second consecutive entry in our Hot 100, Astus is starting to make it look that way. The company has introduced “media bartering” to the UK – it sets up […]


This engineering colossus was established in 1975 by a 21-year-old, fresh-faced Tony Langley. It now serves 15 different industry sectors, including aerospace, banking and finance, broadcasting and telecommunications and cement industries. It employs 2,500 people and had sales of £364m last year. Its product range stretches from the grinding of plaster of Paris for hospital […]

68:  S&C GROUP

Based in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, this company started life in 1993 as S&C Timber, focusing on cut-to-size sheet timber. S&C has since expanded to create two further divisions. It is now a worldwide designer, manufacturer and distributor of TV stands, lounge and dining furniture, and has recently added a new division which makes premium glass […]


Six months is a long time in business. When ECU, a company that helps homeowners take out multi-currency mortgages, filed its last results, the housing and financial markets had yet to implode. The Mayfair-based company was managing in excess of £900m for its portfolio of 15 banks, institutions and high net worth individuals. Sales had […]


It’s hard to pigeon-hole this manufacturing company. Through its divisions, Wordsworth Holdings provides everything from fixed furniture and loos for prisons, to tipper trailers, supermarket trolleys and rollcages. Alongside organic growth, a couple of timely acquisitions of ailing companies have helped boost sales, including the March 2005 acquisition of tipper-trailer maker Crane-Fruehauf. Turnover has risen […]


Iconic sports marques such as Speedo, Lacoste and Berghaus all fall under the ownership and management of this brand and clothing company. Originally established in 1932 as The Liverpool Shoe company, Pentland has expanded and diversified, mainly under the influence of Steven Rubin who took over from his father and has been chairman for nearly […]