How to boost sales through networking

Are you a wallflower at networking events” Not sure how to make money from the relationships you form” Andy Preston, sales expert and networking maverick, gives you his top tips on turning new friends into new business leads.

FD watch

There have been changes to the finance function at companies including Optos, Dyson and Filtronic.

It’s panic stations for Jan Cavelle

The week kicks off to a rocky start with technical meltdowns and looming deadlines. Will the furniture entrepreneur get all her stock out by Friday” Stay tuned!

How to avoid redundancies in your business

How many times have we heard business leaders say “our people are our most important asset”” But, in tough times, salaries are often the only flexible expense a business can control. Other overheads (rent, rates, utilities etc) are usually fixed, and cutting budgets for marketing and other key activities can be short-sighted. But redundancy can be avoided. Here are our top ten alternatives.

It’s all about the face-to-face

As entrepreneurs attempt to cut costs in their businesses, Real Business asks the all-important question: is face-to-face networking really worth the money” Or is it all just a bit of a jolly?

Brad Burton gets a root canal. And a wake up call

The 4Networking entrepreneur always has his mind on business, even in the dentist’s chair. This week, Burton calls on entrepreneurs to do away with business proposals. And cut their dentists some slack.