Jan loses her rag

Disgraced self by ending meeting hurling mug at door closing behind huffy left hand. Resultant scattering of broken china hugely satisfying if messy and staff in office hugely if quietly productive for rest of day. However, not pleased with self – not professional behaviour at all. 

Who is Anthony Rushton?

I find our team two up on the second tee at Wentworth. My playing partner is an entrepreneur whom many would not have heard of but whose company’s corporate membership is allowing me to walk the fairways that Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player have graced.

The calm after the storm

Training plans have come together all of a sudden after weeks of work in the way that these things do. After weeks of debating needs and suitabilities and looking at limited in house resources, we now have a plan for year ahead, which is focused, easy to carry out and in budget.