Alchemy founder Jon Moulton launches new investment fund

Just six weeks after his sensational exit from Alchemy, Jon Moulton is back with a new firm. He plans to focus on turnaround investing and has called the fund "Better Capital" in reference to the closing statement in his resignation letter: "I would do it again – but better."

Ask Timpo: How do I recruit superstars

Q: What are your personal tips on spotting the brightest young talent in the business” Line managers often won’t tell the truth as they’re fearful of being superseded. 

Champions of entrepreneurial Britain: Part 1

Every day this week, Real Business is honouring the heroes of enterprise in Britain; those people and organisations promoting, supporting and celebrating the drive for economic recovery through entrepreneurial endeavour. Today’s champions: Allan Gibb, Prince Charles and Make Your Mark

Big Brother, Paris Hilton and a “Flying F*ck”

He was a producer on Big Brother, changed his name to God to prove it could be done, and launched a novelty goods business with best-selling lines including "Clitoris Allsorts" sweets selling over 250,000 units. Shed Simove is a true maverick. Speaking at the Fishtank festival this weekend, he tells us just how he did it.