Champions of entrepreneurial Britain: Part 2

On today’s list of Britain’s enterprise heroes: Big Issue founders Nigel Kershaw and John bird, Ronald Cohen of Apax Partners, Dragon Peter Jones and director-general of the CBI Richard Lambert. See who featured on yesterday’s list here.

How to: retain staff in the upturn

How many of your employees will stick around in the upturn” If research by recruitment firm Robert Half is anything to go by, not as many as you may think. 

Ask Timpo: Is it time to move my firm to smart, new offices?

We have a traditional old HQ. The business has been here for 120 years. It represents all the solid, traditional values of the company (in financial services), but it’s antiquated internally and doesn’t offer great flexibility. Should we stay, or should we go?

Have you done a SWOT analysis for your business yet?

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Assessing these aspects of your organisation is an effective way to rate your firm’s performance and work out how to drive your business forward. It’s also a very useful tool in preparation for raising finance or before bringing in business consultants. Here’s how to undertake a SWOT analysis and apply it to your business plan.