Christmas party hangover

Still a bit dazed and knackered from Xmas dinner on Friday. I excelled myself by missing my taxi home and ended up walking through snow on side of feet to prevent myself tumbling on my high heels and breaking neck at some disgusting time in the morning. 

More MPs have ?business experience

Small businesses have welcomed news that a growing number of politicians are hailing from business backgrounds, and are calling on Parliamentarians to prove their business credentials.

Internet retailers ?breaking the law?

Small businesses are being urged to check the small print on their ecommerce websites after a consumer group warned that many were breaking the law.

Small business costs rising

The cost of running a small or medium sized business is climbing as fuel and raw materials increase in value, according to reports in the Financial Times newspaper.

Bonus culture alive at the LSC

If public sector waste makes you shudder, look away now. It seems while our attention was drawn by excessive payouts in the City, senior staff at a government quango were taking the opportunity to fill their boots.

Matt Delaney

PE teacher-turned-entrepreneur Matt Delaney on creating a fitter, healthier Britain.

Banks backtrack on lending pledge

Both Lloyds and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) have now admitted they will both miss targets for lending to small businesses, despite government pressure to up the rate of loans.

Wales launches wiki appeal

US entrepreneur and founder of monster website Jimmy Wales has launched a fresh appeal for donations to the site.

Lord Sugar bites back

Lord Sugar has hit back at the critics who claim he’s “out of touch with SMEs”, insisting he’s “passionately committed” to helping small firms.

Damn the council

Spitting blood – do we pay taxes for absolutely no reason or are the councils just so chronically inefficient that they might as well not get up in the mornings?