Unleash your superpowers

You’re bloody lucky. Given the enormous vastness of the universe, you could have ended up as any number of nature’s creations – a rock, a sloth, a yellow tailed marmoset. Or even Paris Hilton. Instead, you’ve ended up as the highest order of life on the planet.

Charlie Mullins: “Worthless public-sector jobs are draining our taxes”

Despite the cries that Britain is out of recession, times are still hard for business: unemployment is still a major headache for the country; the impending rise in National Insurance contributions is looming large on the horizon; and there are still no signs of it becoming any easier to secure business finance.

£125m green innovation fund launched

The Hermes Environmental Innovation Fund will provide "much needed venture capital" for small growing businesses and start-ups in the burgeoning green tech sector.

Dragged down by middle-management

With time on my hands, have time to read and digest newsletter from business coach. The basic message is that if you have fun at work, you will inevitably do it well and if it isn’t fun, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Go green to save cash

The Carbon Trust estimates that UK businesses could save between 20 and 30 per cent on their energy bills by eliminating energy wastage.

Ooh.com: a new way to travel?

Pat Reeves and Rohan Blacker, the founders of upmarket food delivery business Deliverance and Sofa.com, have launched a new online venture that they hope will change the way people plan their holidays.