Gold and Sullivan swoop on West Ham

Former Birmingham City FC owners David Gold and David Sullivan have snapped up half of West Ham football club – Gold’s boyhood team – valuing the team at just over £100m.

Low-cost marketing tactics

In tough times, it’s very tempting to stop spending money on marketing. But if you can come up with a way of doing more than usual – without spending any more – you’ll trounce the competition.

Tax returners file on NYE

HM Revenue and Customs says a surprising number of freelancers and small business owners filed their tax returns on New Year’s Eve, a full month ahead of the deadline, yet (perhaps unsurprisingly) New Year’s Day saw a marked drop off.

How to stay sane

It’s all about striking a balance, says Jim Banting, author of Get a Dog, Don’t Work Like One, out later this month.

BCC: Red tape threatens recovery

A raft of new regulations affecting British businesses will stifle the country’s economy and divert money away from creating new jobs, business lobby the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) is warning.

Charlie Mullins on cold snaps and pointless reports

I’m sure you have all heard about the tragic deaths of the elderly couple in Northampton last week due to the cold weather. They were sadly found in their freezing cold home last Thursday after pleas by neighbours were ignored by social services and the NHS.