The importance of your www address

Most of you will have bought your www address some time ago, when the internet was not such a big deal. In fact, it might well have been bought by the company that built your website. However, as the importance of online visibility and brand increases, there are some things entrepreneurs need to check.

The best places to meet entrepreneurs

From swanky private members’ bars to microblogging site Twitter, Kate Pritchard of Real Business brings you a "schmoozing special" on the best places to meet and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Richard Branson’s “Den” airing on Virgin flights

With all of the Dragons busy filming Dragons’ Den at the Beeb this month, why not have a go at pitching to Richard Branson instead, through Virgin Atlantic’s PitchTV” Virgin and Richard Branson has called on entrepreneurs to send in their pitches to air on Virgin Atlantic’s inflight entertainment system.

HMRC: The reason for Jarvis’ administration?

Last week the board of Jarvis had to call in the administrators. They stated that two factors triggered the company’s demise. Firstly, cuts in the volume of business they had expected (especially from Network Rail) and, secondly, that their lenders would not provide the funds necessary for them to operate as a going concern.

Unlikely advice: Do not sell

The rather surprising conclusion drawn from a conversation with one of Britain's most successful entrepreneurs is… do not sell.

DIY skills are in your genes, claim scientists

It’s often said that entrepreneurialism is in your genes – you’ve either got it or you don’t. Well, we haven’t quite worked out whether that one is true or not, but scientists have concluded that if you’ve been having trouble assembling that flat-pack, don’t panic: it’s not your fault.

Strategies adopted to survivie the “costly” recession

The recession has won itself a new nickname: the piggybank recession. Entrepreneurs are said to have pumped in up to £16bn of their own personal savings to get their businesses through last year, and many say they would be prepared to do so again.

Top tips to become more innovative

Google, Apple and GE might all bel household names, but they aren’t just known for their constant innovation – it’s also about their ability to translate this innovation into sales and earnings. What can you learn from them”

Darling gets thumbs down

A survey by the Forum of Private Business shows that Alistair Darling did little to convince SMEs that his Budget was right for Britain, raising further questions over the likelihood of Labour winning this year’s general election.

Are consumers “potential suckers to be exploited”?

Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society for the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA), says the rise of the no-frills, low-margin online business model is pushing businesses into finding new ways of making money.

CBI vs Mandelson: Who’s right about the banks?

A spat between the CBI and Lord Mandelson ratcheted up over the weekend after director general Richard Lambert branded plans for a credit adjudicator – which would have legal powers  to overturn bank lending decisions – as “unworkable” and “pure political rhetoric”.