The analysis

Since Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy at the tail end of 2008, the economy has been teetering on the edge of a cliff. A woeful 24,368 companies had to shut up shop last year. Public debt soared to £844.5bn – the equivalent of 60.2 per cent of GDP. And the financial crisis threw every region of the UK back to the jobless levels of 1999, with 1.6 million people claiming job seeker’s allowance.

Birthdays, computers and office swaps

Passed birthday in a non celebratory haze of exhaustion, having spent an exciting bank holiday weekend cleaning up computer systems, which were filled with unnecessary mess and chaos. Only one major error: accidentally disposed of rather large file belonging to Second-in-Charge, which meant he didn’t start the week in the sunniest of moods even though the file was rescued by techies.