Our election system is a mess

The economic difficulties we’re facing at the moment are not going to be fixed by a magic spell or the wave of a wand. The next best thing the coalition can do for business is provide as much consistency as possible in terms of governance and a regulatory framework. No big changes. No messing. Just leave entrepreneurs to it.

The Tory tax blues

“I woke up this morning…daa da-da…my gain had gone”. Looks as if that will be the latest adaptation of that old Blues riff that we shall all be singing along to. I, of course, refer to impending CGT rises – back up to 40 per cent or even onwards to 50 per cent.

How to be assertive

Second-in-Charge and I went on an “assertiveness course” in Cambridge last week, which was fascinating. Lots of useful content but will have to start practising being assertive. Sadly, I’m not going to change all my bad habits in one go.

Technology panel – the future explained

What do you need to understand about the next wave of technological change Meet our visionary panel from the 2010 Investec Entrepreneurs’ Summit: Brent Hoberman (MyDeco.com), Obi Felten (Google), Jos White (Notion Capital), Martin Raymond (The Future Laboratory), Barak Rabinowitz (Amuso) and Francois Mahieu (Orange).