@2010election gives voice to British business throughout general election

Small and medium-sized businesses are the engine of the economy. If the next government doesn’t create an environment where they can innovate, take risks and create jobs the impact on the fragile economy will be stark. Businesses are the biggest contributors to the public purse – and the @2010election Twitter feed is the venue where they can have their say.

“Businesses large and small are disenfranchised from the political process. Twitter has emerged as the channel that politicians take notice of,” comments Francesca Brosan, chairman of Omobono and member of the CBI committee in the east of England.

“We intend to use Twitter to tell them, loud and clear, what businesses want,” adds Ben Dansie, CEO of Omobono. “We encourage businesses across the country to join the conversation and voice their opinions on policies that concern them.”

The @2010election feed will host discussions, videos and links, as contributed by its active followers, in an effort to provide a hub for election updates and the effect candidate parties may have on businesses.

Businesses that want to join should visit http://twitter.com/2010election

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