2011: onwards and upwards?

The Christmas break used to be sacrosanct: the one time of year that business owners and bosses could truly say, “We are closed, no-one will contact me, no-one will bother me, I can STOP thinking about work!”

Not any more. With the so-called progress of technology, one is a great deal more traceable these days and thus I was contacted by both customers and staff with problems various and – just to add a further touch of fun – Barclaycard called to inform me (at tedious length) that our business card had been extensively used for someone else’s Christmas treats. Between them all, they used my mobile, email and even my personal Facebook page to hound me.

The result of all this technology is an ever increasing pressure for us bosses. Paranoia and exhaustion compete angrily with each other for primary attention within our battered selves.

In my case, this was also heighted on Christmas Eve when I discovered that a nut from each wheel of my car had been removed, and others loosened. The policeman told me that while “something not right was going on” (my, aren’t they quick), we would need to wait for the next occurrence to get more clues. This elicited an acid response from me requesting that should the next clue be a major car smash, perhaps they would be good enough to investigate. 

I also mentioned that, as a boss, one tends to accumulate a few enemies over the years but the police seemed to find this concept a little difficult to grasp. The sergeant concerned remarked that even by mentioning such a thing, I was casting aspersions over the local populace. Hmmm, well thanks very much to Cambridgeshire Police for re-paying my taxes with your great support and reassurance.

As for my new year resolutions, I really do want to help this country turn round: I want to support Mr Cameron; I want my company to succeed this year and I have made heavy personal investment towards doing so. I did absolutely not want to start this year whinging.

I just hope that as 2011 progresses, I see some reason as to why I am doing any of this. Sadly, I suspect that Lord Sugar is completely correct in his New Year summation that we all need to rely purely on our own wisdom and experience rather than on help from anyone else.

Beware, however, David, Nick, Vince et al. Like all relationships, supporting government has to be a two-way street, and I know that I’m not alone when I say that, as a business person and as a private individual, I feel nothing other than used and abused right now.

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