Settlement agreements: A guide for employers

The settlement agreement offers employers a useful tool offering a clean way of terminating someone’s employment without having to undertake long and difficult procedures involving substantial management time. At the same time, there are various risks attached for an employer in offering a Settlement Agreement to an employee, of which employers need to be aware of.

What does your office say about you

What’s the secret to a really productive office The BBC’s northern HQ in Salford features black ‘collaboration pods’ and giant neon and metal ‘thought wheels’, while the Innocent Drinks base in London, affectionately known as ‘Fruity Towers’, has offices decked with fake grass and picnic benches.

Better transparency will help ERP projects get to the finish line

Navigating a competitive environment is prompting businesses to find more profitable and efficient ways of running day-to-day processes. Business owners are continuously looking for comprehensive business systems that will help unite the departments across the firm, improving control and boosting company growth. However, there is still a huge amount of uncertainty and concern when organisations enter into an ERP project.

Transforming business with remote monitoring

Disruptions in technology can be detrimental to any business, but small to mid-sized companies are particularly vulnerable. Whether it be healthcare, manufacturing, or construction, the reality is that many small to mid-sized companies do not have large IT departments and 24/7 help desks to troubleshoot network issues that can reduce productivity. However, with remote monitoring, these organisations are now able to efficiently respond to multiple sites and issues.