How to remain focused and in control

High flying entrepreneurs at the helm of their empire try to do everything and get little done. Business owners are constantly trying to multi-task, and although we know that trying to do so makes us less focussed and less productive, it’s an inevitable outcome of the real world we do business in. There will never be just one task.

Staff development: Avoiding a one-size-fits-all mindset

The link between performance management and development is easy to understand on paper, after all, the connection usually occurs naturally. During an appraisal an employee and their manager work together to highlight their strengths and determine where development is needed in order to help that employee meet the competencies of their role. This is where the bond between performance and training and development forms.

SEO guide to Google Hummingbird

The announcement of Google Hummingbird, the latest addition to the Google menagerie, caused panic for webmasters everywhere. However, when it was revealed that Google’s Hummingbird – the biggest change to Google’s core algorithm in twelve years – had been in operation for almost two months, this seemed to quash any SEO-related hysteria.