Young entrepreneurs create lasting wealth

Following presenting the Award for ‘Young Entrepreneur of The Year’ at The CBI/Lloyds Bank sponsored Real Business Awards on October the 16th at the Grosvenor Marriott in London, Stephen Fear began to think about all the times he was asked, “When is the best time to start a business, should you wait until you finish university” Should you even bother going to university?”

Sarah Stanley: Follow your dream

Sarah Stanley bootstrapped her firm from zero to £5m in sales, despite being a complete newbie to the world of entrepreneurship. We ask her how she built Unique Home Stays into a titan of the leisure sector.

Six reasons why journalists hate you

A company’s public profile is well-known to be a crucial factor in brand awareness, sales and even wider business goals such as being acquired. And yet when engaging the press, many companies’ eagerness is so contrary to best practice that they end up doing more harm than good.

Training staff is an effort worth making

In the late 80s and 90s Mercury Communications was the only alternative phone provider to BT. The Mercury brand has long since disappeared, with just an echo in the annual Mercury Music prize. But Chris Barling's gratitude to the company, and the impact on his career, lives on.

How working at McDonald’s taught me to sell false eyelashes

After my dad told me to ask for work at McDonald's, it was the beginning of a three year journey beneath the golden arches. As it comes up to my third year away from McDonald’s I’ve been reflecting on my time spent there. I’ve found it incredibly difficult to come up with anything bad to say. I always joked I’d write an expose headlined “sex, drugs and bacon rolls” – but I’ve got nothing to expose.