8 secrets to sponsorship success

One of the biggest problems facing small and medium sized businesses is cash flow. So, getting large amounts of money together upfront to fund an event can often be almost impossible. But that’s where exploring the mutual benefits of sponsorship can really pay dividends

Email signature: the overlooked marketing tool

With the continued search towards highly personalised communication, organisations are spending a fortune on innovative, social media promotions, digital advertising and eCRM campaigns. Yet how much of this activity is actually seen by the right people And how much of it is targeted, relevant and personalised Yet a simple and free way to dynamically communicate with customers, suppliers, prospects is being ignored by the vast majority of organisations.

Should big businesses adopt a start-up culture

Coca-Cola’s vice president of innovation, David Butler, recently went on the record as saying the brand is looking to the start-up world for business model innovation. Apparently, “Starting ‘lean’ is key”. But Coca-Cola is not alone.

Is the gym sector too crowded to make money

From the outside looking in, the health and fitness industry looks like a busy market place, with gym businesses targeting all levels of social demographics, jostling each other for a small sliver of the pie. In short, it doesn’t seem like a particularly attractive or wise business investment – and perhaps not the place to begin a fledgling business.

How much should you pay for a customer

For many new companies, the biggest decision they have to make is how they price and sell their products. While the traditional approach would be to put a price on something at the start, many organisations are now opting to provide their product as a service for a monthly fee.

Seven ways to make email marketing work for you

Email is a great way to start a conversation with your customers or prospects, but it’s easy to get wrong and much harder to get right. Here are seven top tips to help small and medium sized businesses maximise new marketing media.