The benefits of employee share ownership

In recent months, it has been impossible to watch the news without hearing about the privatisation of Royal Mail. Indeed, such was the interest and demand for shares in the company – private investors were limited to a maximum of a £750 investment. But the fact that up to 150,000 Royal Mail employees were to be given a direct stake in the business themselves, was largely overshadowed.

How to crush female talent

Crushing female talent is remarkably achievable and frighteningly common. The best way to achieve it is to make some simple assumptions. For example, women put their family first and men don’t; women want regular hours; women won’t return to work after having a child; if they do return, they will need to fit the job around the baby; ambition will die at the age of 30; it is impossible to combine a successful career with running a home and family.

Growth and exporting: Take your business to the next level

In the past few weeks there have been a number of business surveys suggesting that confidence is returning to UK businesses. After a period of reduced demand, cost-cutting and strict cashflow management, many businesses have experienced an increase in their order book and increased sales. If you are a small business, perhaps been trading long enough to become established, how should you respond to an apparent increase in demand for your products or services

Retirement: A beginner’s guide

Planning ahead for retirement is an important – and often difficult – consideration for small business owners. Although a wide range of retirement options exist, their availability varies greatly based on the owner’s future plans for the business, how much time they have before they retire and what arrangements they have made for succession planning. It is important for SMEs to consider each of these factors individually with their advisers before deciding on a retirement strategy.