SMBs must tackle the BYOA trend head on

The Bring Your Own Application (BYOA) trend is continuing to blur the lines between work and personal life, as workers make their own decisions about what applications they use to do work. While many large international organizations have embraced the BYOA trend, the concern for small businesses is how to ensure that their data remains secure whilst giving employees the freedom to work how they want, where they want, and using the apps of their choice.

How to fundraise in a crowded space

Raising money for a start-up is one of the most time consuming exercises any Founder can undertake. When you start raising external funds it is all about timing and getting the timing right.

Unexpected tips for first time entrepreneurs

Starting a business Then you’ll be inundated with advice. Most of it blindingly obvious. So we asked some of our favourite entrepreneurs for some of the less obvious stuff they wish they had been told when starting out.

The opportunities and challenges in financing growth for technology companies

Technology is booming across the UK. According to the latest report, London, which is one of the country’s largest and most innovative hubs, has seen the number of companies in the technology and digital sector double in the past three years. Digital and internet related business is the main driver here, with opportunities arising through growth in new digital media channels which in turn are shaping how companies and consumers interact.

Seven steps to creating the perfect homepage

You might have noticed that ‘the internet’, once a vast, lonely city, consisting of an ebay/Amazon high street and a couple of clunky government information noticeboards, has now become a very busy place indeed. It is estimated that during 2013 we’ve hit the billion websites mark and this is expected to double by 2015.