Can you make your own luck?

In business, luck can play a huge part. Steve Jobs was arguably the most effective CEO the world has ever known. If you count his two stints at Apple separately, he increased the market capitalisation of companies he ran by over a billion dollars on four separate occasions. He also made one of them the most valuable company in the world. That’s some record.

Five ways to protect your online reputation

A few years ago, the internet was barely being used and social media was just a figment of our imagination. However, with the invention of Facebook and the subsequent explosion of social media platforms, people were suddenly becoming much more active and visible online. With that came a unique opportunity for self-promotion – but it's not without its risks.

Six industry predictions for 2014

We are seeing the unstoppable rise and growing importance of mobile marketing, the increasing impact of video advertising and critically the power of RTB/programmatic buying. All three are very important. But the coming big topic is not one of these in isolation, but rather how they come together: developing and using better cross-platform/cross-device targeting and performance measurement is the next big step on the journey, according to Stephen Taylor, MD at Sojern.