Three top corporate gifts

In leu of the wise men who came from the East to visit Jesus, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, we found the three top voted corporate gifts.

Language in the 21st century: Why it helps to know more than just English

In the past few decades, English has become the most widespread language spoken by people whose mother tongue is another language. French, the language of diplomacy and often described as the language of the educated and cultured, has not kept pace, especially as the United States has dominated much of global business. Although there are more native speakers of some Chinese and Indian languages, historically, they have not been learnt by many outsiders.

Job numbers better but wage growth still abysmal

The Office for National Statistics have announced that the number of unemployed dropped by nearly 100,000 over the three months to the end of October. It also revealed that 30m people aged 16 and above are now in work.

Turf wars: Ad tech vs media agencies

While the sun has been shining this summer, the ad tech community have been aggressively making hay in a bid to make their mark on the crowded media buying marketplace. The new client trading desk and integrated technology models are simply out to prove their worth, with the objective of rendering media agencies’ tech offerings obsolete.