Partnership: HBRE and eMoov on forming an alliance

Venture capital firm Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate (HBRE) recently backed the UK’s largest fixed cost online estate agency with a seven-figure investment programme over the next 24 months. Real Business talks to eMoov’s founder Russell Quirk and Faisal Butt, co-founder and managing director of HBRE, about their new partnership.

Mobile Britannia: How 4G and tablets are reshaping Britain?s online shopping habits

Technology and e-commerce already play a major role in shaping British shopping habits, but next year the impact is set to be even greater. The UK is slowly moving out of recession and the signs of recovery are everywhere. From August through September, online sales surged 13 per cent in the highest growth rate ever recorded for this period, supported by a 20 per cent year-on-year increase.

How to get your money back

What do you do if you are owed money by a business and they will not pay you back? The usual route is to apply to Court and if the claim is less than £10,000 you can use the small claims Court. This has the advantage of being cheaper to pursue especially if the debt is disputed and there is a risk you may lose in Court. Claims above £10,000 usually require a solicitor on both sides and there is a risk that if you lose you may end up paying the winners costs as well as your own.