Why you should conduct thorough sexual harassment investigations

Lord Rennard, a key figure in the Lib Dems party, accused of alleged sexual harassment shows the case for conducting a thorough sexual harassment investigation and carefully managing the fall out from what is often a very fraught situation. This is particularly difficult for the Lib Dems as Lord Rennard is a high profile figure in the party having been inaugural in its creation.

Want a work promotion Travel abroad!

New research by sunshine.co.uk has uncovered a potential link between holidaying abroad annually and the frequency of promotions in the workplace; with the majority of respondents explaining that they thought de-stressing on holiday made them more productive at work when they returned, subsequently leading to better progress.

CEOs in the dark about cyber-attacks

A Lancope, Inc. report, entitled “Cyber Security Incident Response: Are we as prepared as we think ”, shows that while security threats are imminent, CEOs and other members of the management team are in the dark about potential cyber-attacks against their companies.

Lessons on auto-enrolment

In the latest CBI/Standard Life pensions survey, 94 per cent of employers recognised that there is a good business case for offering a workplace pension. But more than half of those who haven’t reached their staging date for auto-enrolment said they still don’t fully understand the rules.

Do you go it alone or partner up

One of the key decisions when you are starting your own business or becoming self-employed is to decide what type of business structure you want to follow.

What the daily commute could mean for your data

The latest intelligence on Al-Qaeda, a high profile Child Protection report and plans for policing the London 2012 Olympics; three very different documents with two things in common: firstly, they all contained highly confidential information and secondly, they were all left on a train.