Winning government business

"Public services are too important to too many people to be allowed to be the monopoly of the public sector," according to Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office.

A recipe for business success

Creating an exceptional business has much in common with the highly regarded and hugely unexpected success of The Great British Bake Off, says Jo Haigh.

How to make the jump into entrepreneurship

Every entrepreneur, at some point in their career, will be faced with the same question: how can I be sure it’s the right time to give up the safety of my job and become a full-time entrepreneur

The path to BYOD

In the ancient business world, companies used typewriters, paper, pencils and pens to operate to compose and store information. Although overhead costs like these took away from a business's bottom line, most never thought seriously of making their own employees buy their own supplies.

Why UX design is a must for modern businesses

Long gone are the days where simply having a website could propel a business offering above its competitors. Instead companies are looking to tackle their online presence head on, making it work hard for them – a move that has brought UX to the forefront of the web development community.