Cashflow management: Organise money like a night out

It’s Saturday night and you’re out to paint the town red, but at some point disaster strikes and you run out of cash. It’s safe to assume that the fun is probably over, and you end up calling it a night.

8 biggest technology disasters

From ripped-apart Mars probers to almost causing World War III, here are eight of the biggest, and often disastrous, technology blunders.

Rewarding staff in it for the long-term

Recent research reveals that just one in ten people feel more positive about their job as a result of the improving economy. This sentiment has a significant impact on motivation levels within a business – an issue which many organisations should be planning to address.

The impact of virtual relationships on the workplace

As the internet celebrates its 25th birthday its social impacts are becoming clearer. The rapid increase of virtual working is one. Virtual relationships are transforming how we work, but will their long term impact give rise to as many problems as solutions