Cultural faux pas that can sour your business relationship

Organisations working in a multicultural environment have a number of concrete challenges, from time zones to currency fluctuations to managing holiday coverage. But business relationships across cultures can also introduce misunderstandings.

Six success factors to help SMEs stand out from the crowd

Mazars has released a comprehensive performance study of the EU SME sector. Amongst its other findings, the report includes a number of interesting insights into the specific actions that SMEs need to take to stand out from the crowd.

Reputational risk is top concern for UK boards

UK boards are among the most reputation-aware in the world, reveals new research report written by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and published by international law firm Clifford Chance.

Charlie Mullins: Does the suit make the man

When author Mark Twain wrote ‘clothes make the man’, I’m sure he wasn’t referring to the chosen attire of some young people turning up at Pimlico Plumbers for job interviews in 2014.