UK leaders need to take direct roles in driving innovation

Although Switzerland remains the leader of the Global Innovation Index for the fourth consecutive year, the UK has moved up to second place. Dubbed the innovation nation, Britain seems to be taking the world by storm as it is now also ranked second in Europe after, you guessed it, Switzerland.

5 things Uber can teach UK businesses about digital customer service

With echoes of the 19th century Luddite rebellion, technology is again causing problems for established professions. Uber, the taxi hire app, is delivering high-levels of service right into the hands of customers, yet giving many cabbies sleepless nights as they worry about the threat it poses to their income.

How to write a great job advert

A job advertisement, unless it’s for a well-known brand, is the first impression that candidates will get of your business. It is therefore crucial that your company’s advert makes a good impression at the start of the candidate journey.