The skills gap is the fault of businesses

Most business owners by now will have had a keen sense of why the skills shortage is a disturbing reality: having only skilled workers creates a bottleneck of competitive, pricey candidates.

£6.5m EU funding towards tech that helps our brain understand big data

Every single minute, the world generates 1.7 million billion bytes of data, equal to 360,000 DVDs. How can our brain deal with increasingly big and complex datasets EU researchers are developing an interactive system which not only presents data the way you like it, but also changes the presentation constantly in order to prevent brain overload.

Why you need to prioritise staff training

Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever before. It is even harder for startup businesses, where more needs to be done to differentiate the services you offer in an increasingly noisy environment.

Mentally ill employees need support

Mentally-ill employees aren't owning up to their problems at work – and it means they could seriously affect their health and a business's productivity.

A guide to professional negligence claims

Although problems are relatively rare, smaller businesses are just as likely to suffer from an accountant or solicitor’s negligence as plcs. Nor are their directors immune from poor financial advice or even surveyor/valuer advice.

Are SMEs now cannon fodder for cyber criminals

With more than 500,000 SMEs setting up in Britain in 2013, many startups find themselves caught up in the race to establish their brand name. In doing so, they forget to set up basic security precautions, leaving them and their customers’ information open to the risk of data leaks or cyber-attacks.