5 tips for being a great mentor

What makes a great mentor Fi Donovan, head of organisational development at Skills for Justice, outlines five qualities any successful mentor should have.

What the Alt Fi sector can learn from banks

As we wait to hear how the Government is going to implement mandatory referral of businesses turned down by banks to alternative funders, Paul Mildenstein, CEO of revenue based funder Liberis, gives his views on some of the lessons the alternative finance market should take from the banking sector.

How to protect your IP in post-recession

Cutting corners when securing intellectual property (IP) protection is rarely a good idea at the best of times, particularly when trading takes a turn for the better.

SMEs are using their independent status to win business

The last few years have heralded the promotion of buy local, new town-based currencies and a consumer push for local sourced food that have provided an opportunity for SMEs to win business by promoting their status as independents.