The Hot 100 2014

This year's Real Business Hot 100 2014, which ranks the UK’s fastest-growing private companies, truly shows that size and industry don't really matter.

Hot 100 2014: Sector breakdown

As expected, IT, software and technology firms were one of the most represented companies in this year's Hot 100 list. However, it was manufacturing companies who featured the most.

Hot 100 2014: The analysis

The Hot 100 list has once again recognised the fastest growing companies in Britain, providing rich insight into entrepreneurial business management, and where long-term economic prosperity lies.

We all have a rep to uphold but how much does this cost

Today, almost every company can be viewed as a digital company, and we are exposed to the outside world in a number of ways. Yet few small businesses – even those involved in the recent UK tech start-up scene – think about how digital their organisation is and as a result, have not analysed the true risk of suffering a cybersecurity breach or digital meltdown.

Fit For Nuclear adds grant funding to help SMEs

The Fit For Nuclear programme will be able to help an additional 300 SMEs target the nuclear industry and provide matched funding for business improvement and R&D to businesses in England after receiving support from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund.

How to avoid discrimination claims

Under the Equality Act 2010, any discriminatory act done by an employee in the course of his employment is treated as having been done by the employer, irrespective of whether the employer knew or approved of the employee's actions.

Stay true to your humble beginnings

Opened in Soho in 1987, Ed's Easy Diner has shown just how much of an American appetite the British seem to have. But CEO Andrew Guy believes that the chain's success largely comes down to not changing with the times.