Andy Balchin: Without cash, you can’t run a business

"My biggest accomplishment is joining SmartStream as CFO; my first time as the number one finance person in the company. The CEO and I took that company from £85m EV to £207m EV just 11 months later. I've never worked so hard, never learnt so much and never seen so many advisors." – Clearswift CFO Andy Balchin shares his experiences in the financial world.

The David AND Goliath effect: Its all about collaboration

Breaking into a new market is incredibly exciting but nerve-wracking when you’re a small business. Whether you’re an innovator or have simply found a way to refine an existing product or service, trying to create a space for yourself and challenge well-established players can sometimes feel like you’re David, taking on Goliath.

Manufacturing growth slows as exports shrink

Growth in the manufacturing industry has slowed in the last three months, compared to last quarter's strong growth, say new statistics from the CBI Quarterly Industrial Trends Survey.