Wheres your focus

This is the second in a series of posts prompted by responses to the annual 'FDs’ Satisfaction Survey', which was started by Real FD in 2001 and received over 1,500 submissions in 2014 alone.

What you need to know about invoice factoring

We spoke to Mike Cherry, the Federation of Small Business’ national policy chairman, about invoice factoring and discounting and what SMEs needs to keep in mind if they’re considering these funding methods.

Failure is a privilege

When asked as a child what you would grow up to become: how many people said management consultant How about, international expansion expert How many people said "an expert in failure"”

City finance CEO outlook: Women need to shout about accomplishments

Can we truly say the glass ceiling has broken when only three females are at the helm of FTSE 100 companies We took a closer look at London's finance scene. The sector, known for its 'old boy's club' image, is now seeing an impressive increase in female recruitment. But is it enough

Clegg launches TechNorth

The Deputy Prime Minister has announced the creation of TechNorth, an organisation to coordinate the tech ecosystem in the north of England.

Avoid the overtrading trap and help your business thrive

The oft-quoted business adage ‘cash is king’ is most commonly used to emphasise the importance of a steady cash flow while trading with limited funds. But what about those businesses whose top line is going through the roof