The importance of IP in an international arena

When exporting, there are important factors to consider to ensure that the path to success is not littered with obstacles – one consideration is the protection of intellectual property.

Defining a brand within a saturated market

Jay Pau, CEO of STK Accessories, discusses the importance of making a brand stand out in a saturated market. He explains how his company achieves this through strong market research, brand awareness and being up to date with the latest trends.

Why both employers and employees need to embrace ‘lifelong learning’

For countless people over the years, graduation day was seen as an occasion that marked the end of their formal education. Many employees would encounter very little need in their whole working lives to formally build upon the knowledge base they had already acquired by early adulthood. But the digital revolution has shunted that world from existence and has created an entirely new order – one that requires an entirely different approach to both working and education.

Voice of First Women: The future is female

Some 35 years ago my mother told me the future would be female, then 20 years later when my own business started to prosper, I was told those very same words yet again by a wannabe employee.

9 vital software packages you almost certainly need

As a writer on software and entrepreneurs I’m in an incredibly privileged position. I get to go backstage and see what software some incredibly successful firms like, Ocado, Net-a-Porter and are using. And I get about 20 emails a week from business owners and their PRs talking about the stuff they rely on.

Dont let the unexpected trip you up when exporting to the US

For an SME, exporting can open up many doors to growth and expansion. A British Chambers of Commerce Report announced only last month that businesses that export can grow 20 per cent more than those who do not. With the world’s largest economy, the US is often seen as the land of opportunity. By exporting beyond the boundaries of the Eurozone, which is on the brink of another crisis, small businesses have the opportunity to substantially expand their empire.